Favourite Things: June 2019

So every month when I’m working on my favourites, I try to include links so that you can buy these products yourself if you want. I am not making any money off of providing these links but I always kind of figure that if you like it, you might want to buy it.

Well, I have to apologize ahead of time for this month. A lot of what I have been loving have been amazing finds from the local thrift store so I have no idea where you can find something similar.

I’ll post whatever links I can but this month has been a good reminder to me that you can find some really incredible things at your local thrift store if you do the digging.

01. Retired Emo Kid Sweater. I am a very proud former emo kid (I use former lightly, I still listen to pretty much nothing but Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance). I saw this sweater from an online creator, Jac Vanek, while I was browsing Instagram one day and I fell in LOVE. I couldn’t resist and as it turns out, it is the coziest sweater I have had in a long time. I can’t say enough good things about this sweater. I get a ton of compliments when I wear it too and who doesn’t like a compliment every once in a while?

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02. Copper Thrift Store Mugs. I am a sucker for a good mug and I am also a sucker for some beautiful copper. I spotted these two mugs at the thrift store recently and I totally fell in love. They’re beautiful glass mugs with this copper piece on the outside and I can’t get enough of them.

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03. Anthropologie Candle. This was another find from a garage sale. It was brand new, never used, and smelled amazing. I brought it home and realized that it retails for quite a bit from Anthropologie. I don’t know if I would ever pay the full price for it but for a couple bucks from a garage sale, it is the best candle ever!

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04. Glass Dish from Thrift Store. I don’t know how old this little glass dish is but I get the feeling that it’s rather vintage. I am still unsure what I am going to keep in it but when I saw it on the shelf at the thrift store, I couldn’t walk away.

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05. H&M Bedroom Upgrades. I don’t want to go too much into detail here because I have a new bedroom decor post coming up soon but I need to mention it. I got myself a few new things for my bedroom from H&M and I am so happy that I did.

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06. Addition Elle Bra and Underwear Set. When you have big boobs, you get used to spending a lot of money for bras. Luckily for me, Addition Elle was having a huge sale on these items and I managed to find a really cute set for really rather cheap. I love the way that I feel when I put this on. I always have it on when I’m going out or I need a little confidence boost. Cute underwear is the best thing in the world.

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07. Glow Recipe Watermelon Moisturizer and Sleeping Mask. I’ve been wanting to try this stuff for a while because I’ve heard such good reviews so when Sephora had this little set as a points reward, I got it as quickly as I could. I fell in love with them both from the moment I tried them and I can’t wait to buy full sizes.

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08. Slip Silk Scrunchies. This has to be one of my most bougie purchases in a while. I spent far too much money on silk hair scrunchies but let me tell you…I feel like a damn princess when I wear these and my hair is much happier with me. I wanted something that wouldn’t tug on my hair and something that I could sleep in to keep my hair off my neck in the hotter months and I found all that plus more in these scrunchies. I don’t think I can ever use a normal hair tie again.

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09. BKR Lala Water Bottle. I have been looking at these water bottles for years. YEARS! I think I started looking at these in 2011 or 2012. I always wanted one but they are truly so expensive for a glass water bottle. I got the medium size bottle in a Fab Fit Fun box and I do love it but it was smaller than I wanted and I wasn’t a fan of the colour. When they went on sale at Sephora, I ordered the one I wanted without hesitation and I am so glad that I did. I have drank so much more water since getting this bottle, it’s insane.

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10. Nails Inc Nail Polish in Bruton Mews. One of my favourite colours is forest green but it can be hard to find it in nail polish form. I found this one when I was browsing on Sephora and I really fell in love with it. The colour is fantastic and the nail polish itself is really awesome quality.

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What have you been loving this month? What are some of your favourite things?


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