Three Way: Linen Pants

I am so happy that linen seems to be on trend right now.

I do a lot of my shopping at H&M and going into spring and summer, I’ve noticed a lot of linen and linen blend items. I have had one pair of linen pants for a while and they are the best pants I own. I haven’t been able to find more stylish linen pieces that are plus size, however. So when I started seeing linen more and more, I was just beside myself.

H&M has a truly wonderful plus sized section and my wardrobe is slowly turning into an H&M catalog. Seriously, they should sponsor me. I can’t say enough good things.

So anyway, I recently got these linen pants from them.


They are the linen joggers and they are the best thing to ever happen to me. They’re a pretty basic pant so I thought that I would show you a few ideas for wearing them in three different types of looks.


I work in an office and this has quickly become one of my favourite looks for the day. It looks good and professional but I am also incredibly comfortable in it. I don’t spend the day adjusting myself or thinking about how I look but I also know that when talking to customers or higher ups, I look professional. Our office is also super hot, it’s basically a sauna, so being able to wear something light that I don’t overheat in is a HUGE plus.


I pair my linen joggers with this stripped shirt (also from H&M). It’s a super soft shirt and it fits well. I like a shirt that’s not too tight but also isn’t baggy and loose. I then wear this with comfy shoes and head out the door.


For a day off, I like taking things a little more casual. This is where I’ll wear my shirts I can’t wear through the week, like graphic tees. This particular shirt was a gift from my mom so I’m not sure where she got it but I think it’s a pretty basic graphic tee.


I have paired it with a vintage Levi’s shirt over top of it and I always wear my Vans as much as I possibly can.


Everyone likes to be a little sexy when they go out and my go to look is this body suit that I got from Forever 21 ages ago. It’s got a very deep neck so I pair it with a black bralette and it still leaves a fair amount of skin showing. It’s fun, a little sexy, but doesn’t look like you’ve tried too hard.


Amp up your makeup, wear some sparkly jewelry, and hit the town!


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