The Health Diaries

I’ve talked about it before but I wanted to go more into depth.

2019 is the year that I look into my health. I know that sounds broad and it kind of is but it makes sense for me. I thought I would break it down for you.

I am not writing this post to show you all that I’m perfect and that I’m this beacon of light…I’m not. I’m far from it. I make so many mistakes and my diet is not super duper healthy but I have set some rules for myself that I’ve been trying to follow on a fairly regular basis. Basically, I sat down and I wrote up a big list of my bad habits. In writing it out and reading over it, I came to see that a lot of my issues have stemmed from emotional and mental things that have manifested in eating habits.


My BAD Habits:
-Eating easy food, like KD and canned soup
-Not planning my meals
-Not eating at work until I get home
-Because I’m starving when I get home, I end up standing in the kitchen, shoving chips in my mouth
-Because I don’t meal plan, I end up scrambling for dinner and eating something bad for me
-I don’t cook anymore so there is no joy in preparing my food
-I don’t drink enough water
Whenever I try to eat healthier, I stop myself from ever eating anything that I like but then I have a bad day and binge on all the food I restricted
-On top of that, I don’t move my body at all


Once I had that list written down, I wanted to jot down a few ideas for things that I could do to change these bad habits. Whether that’s going easier on myself, allowing myself to have treats, or planning to drink more water. I’m trying to focus on the list of good things to do as opposed to being hard on myself for a list of the bad habits.

The GOOD Habits I WILL Start:
-Meal planning once a week. I will sit down and come up with my meals for the week, allowing myself to eat things that I like, every once in a while
-I will drink more water
-I will allow myself to have treats when I really want them
-I will start doing something for my body by doing yoga, going on evening bike rides, going for walks, swimming
-I will make large batches of things like curry, sauce, chilli, soup…stuff that I can have throughout the week. Maybe even freeze some stuff so that I can have something on hand when my mental health is bad
-I will cut back on coffee and make sure that I have it with milk, not cream. Honey, not sugar.
-I think the best lunch for me to have at work is something like a DIY protein box or lunchable. I don’t often sit down and eat a full meal but if I have something to nibble on, I won’t fall back on ordering pub food
-Less carbs but not cut it out totally. Rice and pasta make my soul happy and avoiding it will only make me binge. The main idea is to not create a meal around the carb.
-Same with meat. I don’t want to totally cut it out but I will make sure that I am eating less and replacing it with good proteins
-I don’t want to eat a specific meal plan or diet or whatever. I just want to eat clean food that makes my body feel good


Getting a handle on my mental health has been a huge strep for me, too. Having the ability to even think logically about my diet means that I have to deal with my mental health first. I have been dealing with depression and anxiety for a long time and while I have not discovered the cure, I’ve just accepted the fact that I need support.

For me, that comes in the form of medication. Prozac is my new best friend. Medication is not for everyone but my depression was making it difficult for me to get out of bed every morning and just talking about it was not helping. Taking a pill gives me a reason to get up, it makes the world seem a little easier to face and I am a big fan. If you are struggling, please talk to your doctor about it.


I’m feeling good. I’m purposely trying to think more positive thoughts, I’m focusing on the good, and I’m figuring out what makes my body feel healthy. As I start to get more of a handle on my diet, I am going to think about including more exercise into my routine.

The biggest thing for me is simply changing my mind set, focusing on the good.

So tell me, what is the good in your life? I want to know everything good 🙂 


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