What’s In My Bag – Spring 2019

A What’s In My Bag video is such a classic video on Youtube. I feel like I don’t ever see them anymore and I used to love seeing them. There’s something just so much fun about it. I’m a curious person so I like seeing the way that someone organizes their bag and I think that it’s a fun way to see what’s important enough to someone to carry around daily.

I realized that I haven’t done one of these for a while so I figured I would bring it back. Here are the things that I have been carrying around in my bag on the daily!

It is now spring time in the mountains which means that I ride my bike everywhere I go. I have a rather adorable town bike with a basket in the front so I always have my purse with me but I also have my basket.


My bike basket is a wire piece that’s attached to my bike and it has a wicker insert that can be removed. I typically have my purse inside the basket, or over my shoulder, and I carry the basket with me.

I am the type to always carry a lot of stuff with me. I like to be prepared for anything but I am slowly getting better. I used to carry really large purses but for right now, I have switched to this smaller bag. I got this bag as a Christmas present this past year.


These are typically the things I have in my purse at any given moment.

I am a list person, I am a planner person. Every year, I look forward to getting a new planner and I write down my entire life. I kind of feel naked if I leave the house, especially for work, and I don’t have my planner with me. I need it.


To go with my planner. I very rarely find myself without pens.


I listen to music and podcasts everywhere I go. I have mainly been listening to podcasts lately and I’ve got them always on. So I’ve always got my headphones with me. The main podcasts I listen to are: The Valleycast, Stuff You Should Know, On the Line with Estee LaLonde, Only Stupid Answers, and Disgraceland.


Cell phone
Duh. I have the iPhone 8 Plus and I’m not ashamed to say that I am addicted. Moving on.

My wallet is from the same company as my bag. I am of the belief that a good wallet is something worth splurging on. It is going to last you for a very long time and it’s something you use every single day. I like a bigger wallet with lots of space for cards and I can keep my money flat instead of folding it.


Lip balm
I live in a dry climate and so my lips are constantly dry and chapped. I am really picky about what I put on my lips but Fresh makes really nice lip balms. I have been loving this Sugar Lip Caramel. They’ve recently put out a peach flavoured balm and I can’t wait to buy it.


I’m blind. I wear eyeglasses and finally got myself a pair of prescription sunglasses. I try to remember to bring them with me every time I leave the house. The weather changes very quickly so I try to be prepared and have my sunglasses.


Eyeglass cleaner
I wear glasses so I always have a cloth with me to clean my eyeglasses, my sunglasses, and my phone screen. I don’t like finger prints. They annoy the hell out of me. So I’m constantly cleaning my screens.


Lipstick and mirror
I don’t ALWAYS have lipstick and a mirror on me but when I’ve decided to wear lipstick for the day, I bring it with me along with a small mirror so I can do touch ups through the day.


Hand sanitizer
I’m a total germophobe so I always have some kind of hand sanitizer on me. I don’t like having dirty hands and it’s only gotten worse the older I get it. I hate it. Sometimes, I will specifically not order food that I have to eat with my hands (like burgers and sandwiches) because I don’t want messy fingers. I’m insane. So I always have something with me to clean my hands.


Self explanatory. I need keys to get into my apartment and check my post box. I like to paint my keys with nail polish just to make things a little more colourful, personal, and fun.


So what do you carry with you? What’s in your bag?


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