Work from Home (With a 9-5)

Running a blog is a lot of work. It’s a lot more work than people make it seem and it’s a hell of a lot harder if you’re still working a 9-5 job. Blogging is certainly going to be easier when you’re making money off of it and it’s your only job.

It’s hard as hell, though, when you have a full time job. Coming home from work and you’re exhausted and worn out and you know that you have to post a blog post because consistency is key but you just want to turn into a vegetable is HARD.

I thought that I would go through some of the things that work for me. If there is anyone out there that has a full time job like me but you just LOVE blogging, these are some things that I’ve started doing to make sure that I am getting both done and I don’t feel too burnt out.

First, make sure that you’re prepared. When I am feeling particularly creative, I list out as many blog post ideas as possible. Having the ideas written down helps cut down on time that you sit in front of your computer, waiting for an idea to strike. On that note, I have also found it really helpful to have a schedule.


So for example, I have decided that I am going to post every three days. Some people post every other day, some people most on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday every week. I decided that what worked best for me was leaving three days between each blog post. So I took out my planner and I went through counting the days for all of 2019. I wrote up a list of the days that I want to publish a blog post for each month, and I use that to sort through what I plan on doing. Another huge thing for me, however, was not punishing myself if I get behind schedule. Life is crazy and sometimes my job that actually pays me takes more energy than normal and I am too tired to write and that is okay. Be gentle with yourself.


I have my schedule saved in my drafts and I also physically write it down in my planner. Having it in front of me like that makes it easier and then I know what I should be doing when I have time to make the coming weeks easier. I plan out at least a month in advance, sometimes even more. I currently have all of April, May, and most of June planned out. I just find that if I have it all set out, ready to go, it takes away a lot of the thinking. It sucks when you haven’t posted something in weeks and you can’t think of anything so that time just gets longer and longer.

So if I have it planned out to spend one of my days off writing, this is typically how I spend it:

One of the biggest tips I can give you is to get dressed. It’s really tempting to spend the entire day in pajamas and sit in bed because you’re at home but I find that I tend to lose focus that way. I’ll let myself sleep in a little but I try to get out of bed by 9:00am. I get up, I brush my teeth, I go through my morning skin care routine, and I get dressed, like I was actually going to work. I tend to wear comfortable clothes but I put on a bra and pants or shorts and I just feel more motivated to actually do something.


It’s putting on the uniform at the start of the day and preparing yourself for a day of work. I’ll be making another post with some outfit ideas for days like these.

Once I get dressed, I have to make coffee. I need coffee in the morning so I put on a pot. Having a warm cup of coffee beside me keeps me motivated to do just about anything. I particularly like the winter blend from Level Ground Trading. If I’m hungry, I’ll also make breakfast (but I’m not usually hungry in the morning)


From there, I sit down and I just do the work. I find it helps to sit at my desk but if that’s not working for me, sometimes I’ll sit at my kitchen table or I’ll sit on my couch (oh, the joys of a laptop). Now that the weather is getting nicer, sometimes I’ll pack my stuff up and bike into town and sit at one of the local cafes. Just getting out of the house can be really motivating and inspiring.


These are the general things that work for me. Do you have any other tips for running a blog when you have a full time job? I want to hear them!


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