Reverse Bucket List: 27 Things I’ve Done

I love a bucket list as much as the next person but sometimes, I find they can be a little too much pressure. It kind of sucks looking at a list of things you want to do and realizing that you might not be able to do it all or you start to wonder if you’ve actually done anything with your life.

So I came across the idea of a reserve bucket list and I thought it sounded like fun. The idea is to put together a list of things you’ve done or accomplished or whatever so you can look back and think, man, I’ve got a pretty killer life.

In honor of my 27th birthday, here is a list of 27 things that I have experienced in the past 27 years.

01. Moved across the country

02. Went to a rock concert

03. Been in a mosh pit

04. Smoked weed

05. Lived in New Zealand


06. Took a surfing lesson

07. Had a massive crush on someone

08. Went spelunking


09. Was an extra in a movie

10. Had an MRI

11. Broken a bone

12. Sat on a roof in the middle of the night

13. Went to the top of a mountain


14. Swam in the ocean

15. Had a drunken hook up

16. Went to a wedding in Mexico

17. Entered a poetry contest

18. Went to Disney


19. Got a tattoo


20. Pierced my lip

21. Lived alone

22. Lived in a hostel


23. Bottle fed a baby goat


24. Collected chicken eggs


25. Been to Salem

26. Watched the Northern Lights

27. Started a blog


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