Favourite Things: February 2019

Did everyone have a good February? I hope you did. My February went fast but I think it was productive. I’m feeling good going into March. I was really focused on my health this month (which is something that I will be talking about in the future but I’m just at the start of this journey so I want to give myself a bit more time). A lot of my favourites are things that helped me do that or just made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy. Winter is starting to feel painfully long but I remind myself to stay positive! Spring is just around the corner!

01. Glossier Makeup. I spoke about this foundation and concealer in a recent post but I wanted to include it again. It’s been a really long time since I’ve found base makeup that I actually enjoy. Like I said in that post, this is not the product if you’re looking for a lot of coverage. It’s closer to a tinted moisturizer more than anything. I don’t have major issues with my skin but I like the way that this evens out redness and the concealer tones down bags under my eyes.


02. Ouai Perfume. I have been using Ouai hair products for a little while now and I have always really enjoyed them. If you use their stuff as well, you’ll know that part of the appeal of a Ouai product is the smell. They all smell SO good and so when they announced that they were going to be launching a line of perfumes, I was super excited. The one I finally got my hands on smells like their hair oil and it has made me so happy. I’ll even spritz it on myself on days when I’m sitting on the couch alone because it just makes me feel that good.


03. H&M Long Sleeve. I just really love H&M, okay? They truly have embodied my personal style and there’s not a whole lot on their website that I don’t love. On top of that, they have managed to make plus size clothes that are not matronly and they’re not over the top with crazy pictures and sayings (looking at you, Forever 21). They make clean, stylish, comfortable, and youthful plus size clothes. I placed an order last month for a few basics and fell in love with this long sleeve top. It’s the easiest piece of clothing I own now, fitting into every single outfit I could possibly make. It’s also unbelievably soft. I can’t stop wearing it.


04. H&M Cardigan. Along with that long sleeve top, I also found this cardigan and it has been a god send this past month. It has been painfully cold (I’m talking -40 with a windchill of -45) and I needed this. It’s super loose and baggy which is exactly how I like a cardigan. It’s also really soft and knitted and makes me feel so cozy on the coldest days.


05. Boy Smells Candle. I love candles. So, so much. I LOVE good candles that smell REALLY GOOD. I’ve been looking at this company, Boy Smells, for a while. They’re not crazy expensive but they’re not super cheap either so I wanted to make sure that the first one I ordered from them was one I was really going to like. I ended up ordering the LES candle. As soon as I saw the word ‘peach’ in the scent description, I knew that I would love it and I was RIGHT. The website describes it as follows: “In the French language, LES is the plural article used for both masculine and feminine. It is also the acronym for one of New York City’s most vibrant neighborhoods—picking up on notes of rice powder, peach blossom, cardamom, cedar and Asian pear, to name just a few of its many notes. All in all, this scent is an unexpected, non-binary, cross-cultural, olfactive exploration—embracing the eclecticism that is the Lower East Side.


06. Wellness Journal. Last month, I told you how much I love Ban.do and nothing has changed. I’m fully obsessed with the brand and when they came out with this Wellness Journal, I jumped on it. It has different sections with a ton of information on things like food, exercise, crystals, self care, and just general wellness. I am a self proclaimed Wellness Hoe so I grabbed it and I am so glad that I did.


07. Milk Makeup Eye Gels. I really love the way an eye mask feels. Especially one that’s meant to be cooling. These are incredible and they make my eyes feel SO good after a long day. I keep them in the fridge to get the most out of the ~cooling~ aspect of them. The only thing that ever bothers me about eye masks that I’ve tried in the past is that they tend to slip down or they just don’t stay in place. These are sticky so once you put them on, they’re not leaving until you take them off. That means that I can put them on and then keep making dinner or my tea or whatever the hell it is I’m doing while these work their de-puffing magic.


08. All The Lush. So like I said, I spent a lot of my February trying to focus on my health and a big part of that has to do with looking at my bad habits when it comes to my diet. But Megan, you ask, what does that have to do with Lush products?! Well, I know that I am an emotional eater. I have a bad day and I binge on all the food I really like but is also really bad for me. I’m talking cans of pop, boxes of Kraft Dinner, family sized bags of Doritos, followed up with like..ice cream or candy. I will be really good with eating healthy for a while but then have a bad day and binge. So I’ve been trying to find ways to treat myself and make myself feel better after a bad day that doesn’t involve junk food and for me, that answer has been BATHS. I have taken so many baths and Lush has made them so much better. I have a cup of herbal tea and a looooooong soak in the tub with a bath bomb that’s colourful and sparkly and I feel better, without all the extra calories.


09. Lightroom. Now, this might seem a little silly, but I really give a shit about what my Instagram looks like. No one wants to admit it but I’ll say it. I like it when my Instagram has a solid, cohesive look. I like it when there’s a theme and I like that my photos look good and they all match. It’s a little piece of my personality and when I discovered Lightroom, it made it all so much easier. I found something that I really love and editing the light in my photos is so much easier now and when I look at my page, I just feel so good about it. You should go follow me ;P


10. The OC Soundtrack. I recently tried to explain to a 15 year old how amazing, iconic, and perfect The OC was. I don’t know if I convinced her but after I went on a big rant about how incredible The OC was, I remembered that the soundtrack was also ON POINT. I found this playlist on Spotify and it’s been on repeat ever since. Remember Dice? Remember that New Year’s Eve episode and that KISS?! God, The OC was bomb. I’ll never get over it.



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