5 POC You Should be Following

It’s Black History Month. For those outside of Canada and the USA, it’s observed every February to celebrate, honour, and remember the important people and events in the history of the African diaspora.

There is some debate about the month as many feel, including myself, that black history should not be shoved into just one month. Black history is history and it needs to be taught on a regular, unbiased, basis.

I am trying to educate myself more. I am so far from an expert on the topics we talk about during this month. I am a white emo kid from a small mountain town in Canada. I do not have words of wisdom. I do not have the experience or the history.

One of the ways that I am trying to educate myself more is by diversifying my social media feeds. When you look at the people you follow, do they all look like you? Are they all white girls with blue eyes and blonde hair? I’m focusing on following people who educate me. I’m trying to make sure that the people I surround myself with have diverse stories, experiences, and world views.

I’ve put together a list of some people I think you should follow. They are much smarter than I am and they deserve to tell their own stories. These are 5 incredible women that I have already learnt so much from. There are so many other brilliant people you should be following but take this as a jumping off point.











**Please note, I have taken these photos from their social media. I do not in anyway take credit. Click on their name to follow the link to their account**

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