Apartment Flip: Bathroom

So, about two months ago, I wrote a post about how I was spending my time working on my apartment. I took you on a bit of a tour of my living room.

I thought that I would show you where I’m at with my bathroom, too! I’m probably going to be redoing it once I have a bit more cash and I know that I’ll be painting it but for now, I’ll show you what it’s like.


I don’t have a very big bathroom. It’s rather small, actually, so every bit of space counts. I try to keep it as organized as possible and as functional as possible. One thing I really wish I had was a medicine cabinet but I don’t so I have to make do.

I got this shower curtain from H&M and I have loved it from the moment I saw it. I don’t think that they still sell this exact one but they have other awesome patterns. It’s really good quality and super cute. It gets compliments every single time I have someone new over.


Inside of my shower, I have one of these corner shelves. It’s actually the best. If you have a lot of people living with you or if you’re like me and you use a lot of products, you need this. I have the shampoo/conditioner that I use to enhance my curls, I have clarifying shampoo that I use about once a week and the hair mask that use after that, I have my purple shampoo to protect my blonde. And that’s just hair. This shelf helps me keep everything organized. It’s awesome.


One of the biggest things I can recommend for a small bathroom is a shelf to go over the toilet. It adds a ton of storage in a place that normally would not have storage. Mine has three shelves. The top shelf is rather skinny so I can’t put much on it but I like to keep a fake plant (to add some greenery), a jar with my cotton rounds inside, a couple candles, epsom salts, and a cute little bar of soap.

On the second shelf, I have my daily makeup in a clear organizer, as well as a little storage box from IKEA. In this one, I keep my daily skin care routine as well as the face masks I’m currently using and my make up brushes.


On the third shelf, I have two more of these IKEA boxes and I keep some extra skin care and beauty products as well as a few things like mouth wash.

On one side of my counter, I have my toothbrushes, my toothpaste, and my hand soap.


On the other side, I have another fake plant, massage oil, perfume, a crystal, and my newest highlighter (mainly because it’s pretty).


Thankfully, I have some pretty solid storage under my bathroom sink. I get two rather deep drawers as well as a cabinet.


In the top drawer, I keep some beauty stuff. Mainly, I have hair products in there as well as some perfume samples and shower stuff.


In the bottom drawer, I keep some healthy stuff. I have mostly vitamins, emergency tampons, my Diva Cup, extra soap, and some travel products.


In the cabinet, I largely keep cleaning products and extra toilet paper. I also have my bath stuff. I have my bath bombs, my candles, the fancy ~spa~ stuff that I use on a bad day.


So that’s my bathroom! Like I said, I plan on painting it and I might change a few things up but we’ll see. I’ll keep you updated!


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