Mystic Megan: Year Ahead Spread

For the past few years now, I have been doing a ‘year ahead’ tarot spread. Basically, what you do, is you pull out a card for each month of the year and then you pick a thirteenth card for what the over all theme of the year is, what the main lesson is. I also pull one of the animal spirit cards to represent the animal that I need to channel for the year, the spirit I need to focus on.

I thought that I would share what I did this year with you all! I think it’s exciting to look at things like this and if I have it written down somewhere, I can refer back to it through out the month.

So the tarot cards that I really like using are the Wild Unknown cards. I also use the Animal Spirit cards from the same company. I just love them and I love the art. They work well for me.

Without further ado…my 2019:


January: The Devil
The key words for this card are “addiction, negativity“. This card is all about the need for change. Either a person or a situation is impacting you negatively and this card is urging you to let it go, make a change, and free yourself.

February: 9 of Pentacles
The key words for this card are “happy, healthy home“. This card talks about taking the time to enjoy the many results of your heard work. They say that this could be in the form of a promotion or new stability.

March: The Fool
The key words for this card are “spontaneity, innocence“. This card is all about new beginnings, taking a leap of faith, trusting yourself. It talks about being ready to fly, aching to stretch your wings and go. People might doubt you and your abilities but it does not matter what others say. It’s your journey, not theirs.


April: 2 of Wands
The key words for this card are “determination, direction“. This card makes it clear that you are on your way to success. It’s about being focused on a goal and you have put all efforts into focusing on that direction. When this card comes up, it is a reminder to become aware of your thought patterns and to change it from negative to positive.

May: The Sun
The key words for this card are “vitality, enlightenment“. You know how you feel when you’re laying in the sun, soaking in the warmth and the vitamin D? That’s exactly the kind of energy this card brings. It’s a card full of warm, healthy energy.

June: 9 of Wands
The key words for this card are “strength, stamina, confidence“. This card usually means that you are near the end of your journey. When you get to the end of a journey like this, you tend to tire out and grow doubtful. This card reminds you to stay confident and positive. Your hard work will pay off.


July: Father of Pentacles
The key words for this card are “steady, entrepreneurial“. The father is steady, strong, and gentle. He is a patient, passionate, and hard working.

August: Son of Pentacles
The key words for this card are “loyal, quiet, dedicated“. While the son can be stubborn, quiet, and difficult to know; the son is also loyal, determined, and inventive.

September: 10 of Pentacles
The key words for this card are “fulfillment, abundance“. This card signifies material and spiritual abundance. The number 10 indicates completion and this card tells you that your hard work is paying off! You are reaping the rewards. Be generous, with both material goods and your wisdom.


October: 10 of Wands
The key words for this card are “burdens, blockage, difficulty“. Mental or physical burdens are weighing on your spirit. This can lead to hopelessness and depression. This card tells you that when you are in a situation where you feel ‘stuck’, it is best to just let go and walk away.

November: 9 of Cups
The key words for this card are “bliss, harmony“. This is the card of wishes coming true! You are entering a new phase of peace and harmony. Every wish is coming true. Good health and happiness are coming your way!

December: Ace of Pentacles
The key words for this card are “prosperous beginnings“. This card tells you that you are in the beginning phases of a new venture and that it will be prosperous. It reminds you to be grounded and to take time to appreciate the journey.

Theme: Mother of Cups
The key words for this card are “insightful, psychic“. The mother has natural psychic abilities. She is a gentle and tranquil woman and she helps to heal those around her. The mother thrives when she is surrounded by her family, the arts, music, and beauty. She is a true swan.


Animal Spirit: Fox
The key words for this card are “smart, strong partner, wise teacher“. The fox is an enchanting creature full of mystique. Skillful in business, quick to learn, committed, and full of natural charm. Fox energy reminds you to be loyal and committed to those you love.


So looking at this spread, I am starting to feel really excited about the new year! It’s kind of everything that I needed to hear. I always want to start new projects and take new leaps of faith but the moment someone in my life doubts me at all, all of my confidence crumbles beneath me. So many of the cards I got are telling me to be focused on my work and believe in myself and it will all fall into place.

I am looking forward to 2019. I have to believe in myself.

**All card descriptions are paraphrased from the Wild Unknown tarot and animal spirit guidebooks**

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