Favourites: December 2018

December. It’s such a beautiful month.

I’m back with a new favourites post, excited to talk about the things that I’ve enjoyed. December was a pretty quiet month for me and I don’t have a ton to talk about but the few things I have enjoyed, I have really enjoyed.

For the month of December, I was trying to focus on just being cozy. I wanted to hibernate and I did just that. Most of my favourites from the month have to do with that.


1. My hair desperately needs a hair cut and I have bleached it in the past, so my hair is not in the best condition. I needed a really solid mask for my hair and so I browsed on Sephora. I found this Verb mask for fairly cheap compared to some of the others and the reviews were good so I gave it a shot. I’ve used it a couple times now and my hair is SO soft! It’s a lot easier to style it post shower and the results last for a while.

2. In the last Fab Fit Fun box I got (the fall box), I got this body wash. I sort of just kept it stashed away and when I needed one, I started using this. I haven’t noticed anything amazing in terms of results. It’s a pretty standard body wash. However, I love the smell. I have never really smelt anything like it. It’s very herbal. If you’re a fan of things like sage and basil, you’ll like this. It’s just warm and cozy, like a glass of herbal tea.


3. I wanted some sparkly eyeshadow and as a little gift to myself, I got this Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in the shade Kitten Karma. It’s lovely. It might not be an every single day look but it’s perfect for Christmas parties and New Year’s parties and I look forward to wearing every night out in 2019.

4. Some of my favourite scents are the ‘holiday’ scents. I love the pine, balsam, apple cider, frosted cranberry…all of it. I got this little mini Nest Fragrance candle in their holiday scent. The website describes it as having notes of pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, and amber. It’s just the perfect Christmas scent and I want my entire life to smell like this.

5. When I was in Mexico at the end of November, I picked up this little golden pineapple to put on my bookshelf. I’ve got it out in my living room and every time that I look at it, I smile. It’s my little souvenir that reminds me about my little trip.


6. I love a good mask. Face masks make me happy. I needed a new clay mask and lately, my skin has been a little oily and the look of my pores have been bugging me. So I got this Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque. It is my first product from Kiehl’s and I am really liking it. I hope to get more from them soon to try it all out.


7. I have to apologize now because this next favourite is kind of amazing but I got it from a cafe in town and have no idea where to find it online. So I can’t give you the link for it. This scarf, though!!! Honey, she is giving me life. It’s warm and soft and big and beautiful and leopard print and it’s the best scarf ever.

8. I’ve always enjoyed a Bailey’s but I like it more around the Christmas season. Nothing beats a solid coffee and Bailey’s in the morning.


9. I am a big fan of David’s Tea and I was lucky enough to get the advent calendar this year. Opening a little treat every single day is just so much fun and the fact that it’s a cup of tea? It’s like heaven.


10. It’s Christmas. I love my tree. Simple as that. I don’t have a lot to say. I just wanted to show off my Christmas tree. I know…you’re jealous.

11. Thanks to my best friend, I got super into Chicago Fire this year. If you’re not watching Chicago Fire, you are seriously missing out. It’s part of a TV show universe that mostly takes place in Chicago. Created by the same guy that created Law and Order, sometimes it crosses over with Law and Order: SVU. This series started with Chicago Fire (about a team of firefighters in Chicago), which then spun off into Chicago PD (about the police), and then Chicago Med (about the doctors and nurses at a hospital in Chicago). Anyway, when I got back from Mexico, I was really sick and I needed a show to watch. I started watching Chicago PD and I got SUPER into it. I’m hooked and Chicago Med is on my list for next. They’re just such damn good shows with badass women and awesome drama. Also..can we talk about the representation on this show? The three like…main chiefs in each show are people of colour, with two of them being women. That’s awesome.

What are you loving? What are your December favourites?


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