Apartment Flip: Living Room

As I said in my post at the start of the month, I am woking on redoing some stuff in my apartment. I am moving things around and changing things up and settling back in. Everything is still a bit of a mess but right now, the living room is mostly done.

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I will be writing up posts for all the different areas of my house and my living room will likely change even more but for now, I wanted to share some photos.

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For me, I want my living room to feel like a cozy place. I want it to be the place where I can snuggle up on the couch on a cold day and watch TV but I also want it to be a place where people would feel comfortable to hang out.

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I want mood lighting and cozy chairs and places to relax. My goal is that when I have friends over, they feel like they can make themselves at home. We’ve all been to that person’s house that feels like a magazine, cold and uninviting. While I want my place to look good, I also want it to be warm and safe.

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I have always loved little personal touches in a living room. Books, old bottles, travel souvenirs, little knick knacks, and sentimental pieces. My dream was to always have something like that in my living room so when I was able to do that, I totally embraced it!

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I would love to get some more artwork for the walls, and a basket to put things like extra blankets in. The living room needs to be painted. I also need some solid storage for my DVDs but…we’ll get there. It’s all a work in progress.

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What do you think a living room needs most?

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One thought on “Apartment Flip: Living Room

  1. I think this is such a unique post! Great idea! First I would choose what color palette you want to stay in that way everything kind of comes together. I would totally put a macrame wall hanging above the futon, and maybe just get a different color cover for the futon, and then add a cute throw folded over the back and a bunch of cute pillows. Then Match to the chair across the room. Get a cute throw rug for the center of the room to brigng attention, and I would lighten up the curtains. I always love double lined curtained an opaque layer over a sheer. Which almost looks like you kind of did it but you need 2 rods, or tracks, Instead of putting them on the same one, and going to marshalls or tj max get some cute dainty hooks if needed itll make a huge difference. I also love adding succulents to my home in cute little pots, I love home stuff. Ask me any questions! ❤ I also save any home photos on IG that I find inspiring. Maybe search some hashtags, you could get some great inspo there.


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