Wish List: Urban Outfitters

Do you ever think about what you would do if you won the lottery? I do. I would do up my apartment like a queen. One of the first things I would do is go crazy on all of the sites that I love and order everything in my wish list. I thought that with the Christmas season coming up, I would put together the things that I have my eye on and maybe it can help you find something for a loved one in your life. Maybe give you some ideas.

Anyway, here is a taste of some things I want from Urban Outfitters. I love this store. I love what they have, I love the vibes. I don’t love the prices. It all adds up VERY quick but I still can’t help browsing and falling in love.

01. Fluffy Scarf
A scarf makes my soul happy. A soft, plush, fluffy scarf that looks like a blanket is just pure heaven.


02. Purse
I’m really loving this sort of…wooden type of material and this round purse is just so cute. I can’t resist it.


03. Incense
I love incense. That’s all. This set look amazing.


04. Body Pillow
Did I mention that I like soft, fluffy, plush things? Yeah. This pillow represents everything that makes me happy.


05. Tapestry
I love anything that’s a little spooky and witchy and this tapestry is right up my alley.


06. Lamp
I love salt lamps and this crystal lamp looks incredible. I just love a lot of warm lamps, it creates a great mood.


07. Heating Pad
Any person with a period knows how valuable a heating pad is. I need one, in all honesty. I could get a basic one but why would I want that when I could get one that’s soft and looks like a cat?


08. Calendar
This company, ban.do, make awesome things. I had a planner from them last year. They’re functional and adorable. I like having a wall calendar and one like this would be perfect.


09. Speaker
I always have something on. I never live in silence, not often at least. Either music or a podcast or a show…something. This little bluetooth speaker is so pretty, it’s a piece of decor as well as a speaker.


10. Jewellery Holder 
I need something to help organize my jewellery and give me an excuse to buy more. I love this one, with gold and crystals.


11. Curtain Tie
Going into winter, I like having curtains up. It gets dark so early at night and I don’t like that everyone walking by on the street can see into my apartment. During the day, however, I want to be able to pull back the curtains to let the daylight in. I like the way that these look, minimal and simple, but effective.


12. Black Cat Pillow
Cat. Black cat. Pillow. Soft. I’m sold.


13. Incense Holder
Like I said, I love incense and this snake is beyond cool.


14. Bath Caddy
On my days off, I love a good bath. This could be helpful, a safe place to put my wine and a book.


15. Record Player
I’ve wanted a record player for a really long time. Like..a really long time. This one has caught my eye for a while now.



Do you have a giant basket on Urban Outfitters, too? How early do you start your Christmas shopping?


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