Hello Fresh: Ginger Beef Noodles

I love trying new food and I love subscription boxes. Hello Fresh, is right up my ally. I recently got my first order and I am loving it so far. I live in a small town so sometimes in the colder months, it’s hard to find fresh ingredients for a decent price and on top of that, I tend to get stuck in these ruts.

If you don’t know what it is, Hello Fresh is this service where you select your meal plan, how many people you’re feeding, and they send you a box with all of the ingredients. In the plan that I picked, I got three meals to try and they are meant to feed two people. So, in theory, I should have enough to have dinner and then leftovers the next day.

I thought thatI would go through the meals that I cook with you and tell you how I like them! The first one that I’m going to do is the ginger beef noodles.

Something that I like about these recipes is that they’re pretty simple to do. I love cooking but you don’t have to be a chef to cook the things they send you. It’s straight forward but it’s good stuff and it’s things that I wouldn’t always think about putting together.

The ingredients they sent me for the ginger beef noodles are all things that I have worked with before but I haven’t really done in a long time. So for me, none of this was too different or new.


The only thing that they never really send you is stuff that you probably have in your cupboard anyway, like oil and salt and pepper.

A good tip that I can give you for whenever you’re cooking anything, is to make sure that you have things prepared and ready to go. Mise en place. Everything in place. You get your veggies cut, your spices pre-measured, you get everything done and it is going to make the actual cooking process much more simple.

So I cut up my veggies and I pat the beef strips dry and I made sure that I had everything. A stir-fry like this is fairly simple in that it’s largely just throwing things into a pan and cooking it up but it matters in the order that you cook it. Overcrowd your pan and you beef isn’t going to cook properly.

First: cook the beef strips all the way through then remove from pan and set aside


Second: Mix together ingredients to make the sauce


Third: Throw veggies into the pan and cook for 2-3 minutes


Fourth: Meanwhile, cook the noodles in boiling water for 1-2 minutes


Fifth: Add noodles and beef to the veggies and mix with the sauce. Cook until thickens.


Sixth: Serve!


This was a good dinner. It had that type of comfort that you get from really good Chinese take out. For my personal tastes, I added some hot sauce but other than that, it was awesome.

I don’t know how much I’m going to continue getting boxes from Hello Fresh but for now, I’m certainly going to enjoy what I have.

Have you tried Hello Fresh? What are your favourite dishes?


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