Get To Know Me: Personality Quizzes

I think personality quizzes are so much fun. I don’t pretend to know the science behind any of these but I enjoy them SO much. I usually find that they really do tell me a lot about myself and I think it’s fun to read what other people have found about themselves. It’s an easy way to get to know someone, you know? I don’t have to tell you my entire life story but I can tell you my Myers-Briggs type and you’ll know everything you need to know!

So, anyway, I’ve put together a list of what my results are on a wide variety of things incase anyone had any interest in getting to know me.

Myers-Briggs: INFJ

Kinsey Scale: 2

Love Language: Word of Affirmation

Astrology: Pisces

Chinese Zodiac: Monkey

Temperament: Melancholic

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Did you take any of these tests? How are we similar? How are we different? I would love to hear some of your results!


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We’re the kids who feel like dead ends

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