Blonde Hair Care Routine

My hair is something that I have fought with most of my life. I think a lot of women out there can relate.

A bit of hair history for you. I have very thick, wavy, frizzy hair. It’s a light brown, dark blonde, mousy sort of colour and at the age of 26, it’s already going rather white. When I was 16, I noticed my first white hair and it’s been going whiter by the year ever since. My hair is a learning process and I used to really hate it but I’ve grown to love it.

Currently, I have bleach in my hair. My hair stylist (Eva at Trademark) is amazing and she has managed to find colour that I really like. What we’ve done is lighten my hair and put in some really, really, light blonde to white sections in my hair that fade into my natural colour. This way, my inner sparkle shows through and as it grows, it looks a little intentional. I’m thinking that when I see her again, I’m going to ask her about going more white.

So because my hair is such a process and such a monster to tackle, I’ve gotten a fairly solid hair care routine in my back pocket. I’m still learning and growing and finding new products everyday that I love. Here are a few of the things that I’ve got going for me right now.

01. Shampoo/Conditioner. I started using Drybar products last year and I love them so, so much. My hair responds well to their products and it feels soft and healthy. For me, shine is not a huge goal. I just want soft and manageable hair. The shampoo/conditioner combo that I’ve been using for a while now is the Sake Bomb line. It’s a nourishing line made with all kinds of oils and antioxidants. They recommend using it on dry and/or medium-to-coarse hair. My hair just feels so healthy when I use this. This is my basic shampoo/conditioner that I use when I’m not going anything special.


02. Purple Shampoo. Anyone who has blonde hair know of the importance of purple shampoo. For those who don’t, the idea is that purple and yellow are opposite on the colour wheel. So as bleached hair tends to turn yellow and get brassy, if you use a purple shampoo, it neutralizes that yellow to keep it looking how it should. If you are going to take the plunge and dye your hair blonde, especially if you’re going to bleach it, understand that you are going to need to get a good purple shampoo. I use this about once a week or whenever my hair starts to look a little dull. I’ll put it in my hair and let it sit for a few minutes while I shave my legs then rinse it out.


The Blonde Ale shampoo from Drybar has been a favourite of mine for a long time. You need to look for a shampoo that is very dark. The darker the purple, the better the results. Do not purchase purple shampoo that is a pastel or lilac purple. It won’t do anything for you. I know that the dark purple is a little scary but don’t be afraid…it’s your best friend.


03. Masks. There are few things that I love in this world more than masks. Mud masks, sheet masks, hair masks…I love it all. I have two masks that I sort of bounce between depending on what my hair needs.

The first one I’ll talk about is the one that I use for the health of my hair. I’ve been using this one from Garnier for a while now. It’s from their Whole Blends range and the one that I’ve been enjoying is the repairing mask with royal jelly, honey, and propolis extract. It’s been pretty great. I wouldn’t say that it’s mind blowing but when my hair is feeling really dry, I’ll use this. Often times, I’ll use it after I’ve used my purple shampoo since the shampoo is about protecting colour, it doesn’t have the same nourishing results as my other products. This mask makes my hair incredibly soft and it gets the knots and tangles out. It’s taking me a while to get through this huge tub but I think once I’m done, I might try a different mask from the Whole Blends range.


The second mask is a new discovery and it’s a new obsession. It’s the Christophe Robin Shade Variation Nurtitive Mask with Temporary Colouring in Baby Blond.’s a long name but it’s life changing. Christophe Robin is a brand out of France that specializes in colour. It’s not a cheap mask but you really only need a small amount of it at a time. I use this probably about every two weeks on a pamper day off, when my hair is looking especially yellow. I’ll jump in the shower and wash my hair then jump out and apply this mask from root to tip. I put it up under a shower cap and then spend the next 30 minutes painting my nails, doing a face mask…whatever. You can leave it in your hair anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. I started off with 15 and it wasn’t nearly long enough so I keep it in for as long as possible. When I take it off, the yellow is gone and I feel like a new person.


04. Styling. I’m just going to say it now…I have a problem. I am fully obsessed with Ouai and I am not ashamed. I have tried a lot of their products at this point and I want so much more. Every single styling and post cleansing product that I own is Ouai. So just…be ready for that. I’ll go through them all in order of how I would use them post shower.

First things first…oil. The Ouai Hair Oil is a holy grail product for me. It smells incredible and it helps make my hair so very soft. I’ll run this through the ends of my hair, avoiding the roots. I can’t imagine using a different oil.


Next thing I put in is the wave spray. So far, this has been the best wave spray that I’ve used and again, I like how it smells. It helps enhance my natural waves when I spritz it in and scrunch up my hair a bit.


One of the newest additions to my Ouai closet is the Air Dry Foam. It’s this foam that you pump into your hand then scrunch into your damp hair and then let it air dry to bring out your natural curls/waves. I do not like to blow dry my hair so this has really been a godsend. I’ll scrunch it in and then go through my hair and make twists throughout and let it air dry like that. When I shake my hair out, I have beautiful, natural waves.


Once my hair is dry and styled, I like using the Texturizing Hair Spray to give it a bit more volume, a bit more grittiness. I don’t like super styled hair, I like it to look a little messy and a little bit like ‘oh, I just woke up looking like a super model off duty…opps!’. This hair spray makes that possible (the Finishing Creme by Ouai is also amazing but I’ve been out of it for a while now).


Another hair care tip that I can give you is simple…do NOT wash your hair everyday! It is SO bad for your hair. Make dry shampoo your best friend and STOP washing every single day. For when I’m getting slightly greasy hair, I love the Dry Shampoo Foam. Regular dry shampoo has always left a weird residue in my hair and made it feel dirtier than it was before I used it. This foam is incredible and weird. You massage it into your roots like you would shampoo in the shower and you keep working it in until it’s dry. It sucks up all the oil, makes your hair smell great, and gets you through one more day.


Can you tell that I really love hair care? Hair care and skin care have my heart. There are so many other products that I want to try and like I said, this is entirely a learning experience for me but I am enjoying it every step of the way.


Leave me any questions or recommendations. What are your favourite hair products and tips?




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