What’s In My Bag – 21.01.18

I’ve always loved these videos and blog posts. I am such a curious person and I think that you can really tell a lot about someone based on what they choose to carry around with them all day. You can tell if they’re someone who is organized or not, prepared for everything or they just wing it.

I decided that since I recently got a new bag, I would do this post. Just a little peak into what I take with me on a daily basis.

I am the type of person to keep a little bit of everything, ready for whatever might happen. I carry a lot of stuff with me on a day to day basis but it makes me feel better, like I know that I’m ready if something happens.


So! The bag that I’ve been using lately is a vegan leather bag that I got through FabFitFun. I got this bag because I knew that it would fit my laptop and it would be a good thing to have for when I need to bring my computer with me when I go somewhere, to work or to the cafe.


I try to keep it organized so I carry a few bags within bags. I have a pencil case for all my pens and pencils, a makeup bag, and a catch all bag. I also have my wallet, my glasses, my planner (because nothing makes me feel better than a well organized planner), and a few other little things. I usually have my headphones, a coin purse, and my keys.

I love this little coin purse. My best friend got it for me for Christmas and it just makes me giggle every time that I see it. You fancy bitch.


Within my catch all bag, I’ve got a little bit of everything. I’ve got a million different things of lotion, I have lip balm, gum, stamps, tea, stones, tea bags, agave syrup, hand sanitizer, perfume, Q-tips, vitamins…whatever you need, I probably have it.


Depending on the day, my little makeup bag changes. Today, I’ve only got my little mirror and a couple lipsticks but if I have to be at work early, sometimes I’ll do my makeup when I get to work. So I’ll toss in my liquid liner, my eyeshadow, my brushes, a lipstick, mascara.


I hope you enjoyed this little look into my life and if we’re ever out together and you need some hand cream or a bandaid…I’m your girl.


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