Sleepless Nights: A Nighttime Routine

In my last favourites post, I wrote briefly about how I have always had issues sleeping. I think it’s partly genetic and I know that it’s partly to do with my anxiety. I’ve always had different issues with sleeping. Either I can’t fall asleep and toss and turn for hours or I fall asleep easily but I keep waking up through the night or I have nightmares that keep me from really getting any rest. Sometimes, I’m just a mess. I think one of the most common sentences out of my mouth is ‘god, I’m really tired‘.

So over the years, I’ve come up with a few different methods and things that help me out and I have a full on routine that helps me get the best sleep possible. I don’t do all of it all at once and I don’t always do this (even though I really need it) but I try to remember these tips and tricks and usually something helps.

01. My first step, especially if I think of it far enough in advance, is to wash my bedding. There is nothing better than crawling into bed and having fresh, clean bedding. I try to set it all up so it’s as comfortable as possible. Personally, I like a nest of pillows and my giant feather duvet. It just comforts me and helps me rest.

02. Before I get ready for bed, I like to have a long shower. Being clean and fresh makes me feel a lot more renewed and relaxed. I’ll take my time and do a hair mask or a face mask, use my favourite products, all of it. I especially love to shave my legs because that just makes those clean sheets feel so, so good.

03. After my shower, I’ll lather on the lotion that I’m loving at any particular moment. My favourite is the Karma Cream from Lush. I love the musky smell of it and it makes my skin feel super soft and moisturized. I love how it makes me feel and the scent relaxes me.


04. I have a nighttime skin care routine that I like to do as much as I can. I am getting older and it’s better to take care of your skin early before it’s too late. Prevent instead of reverse, type of thing. The best sort of routine to take care of your skin and get as much out of your products as possible is as follows: cleanser, toner, eye cream, serum, moisturizer/oil. Most of the products that I own are samples of things I have gotten from Sephora. My goal is to find the perfect products and I am finding the things I like and want, they’re just expensive. So I’m slowly building it up as I go.


05. My bedside table is my place of zen. As a lot of people with depression will tell you, sometimes it’s really hard to try and get yourself together enough to clean. It can be really hard to pull myself up and clean my room sometimes, just because I don’t have it in me. So what I try to do is make sure that at least my bedside table is clear. I have my rose face spray, my cream, my lip balm, and other little things that calm me down and feel like home, like candles and crystals, and a glass of water.


06. Another thing I like to do before I crawl into bed is make myself a cup of something warm to drink. My first option is a cup of calming tea. Mother’s Little Helper from David’s tea or a chamomile tea or any other herbal tea is a great place to start. Another option that I like is this warm milk drink that I have perfected over the years. Calcium is supposed to be good at making you sleepy so I’ve started doing this. I froth up some milk before I heat it up in the microwave. Once it’s nice and hot, I like adding a splash of vanilla and cinnamon and a touch of brown sugar.


07. I have a few apps that I like to use, mainly white noise apps but a few meditation apps. I use these things when my mind is racing and I can’t just settle down. I find a guided meditation gives my mind something to focus on so I can fall asleep easier.


08. There are a few other little techniques that I like to use. One is box breathing, which is breathing in for four seconds, holding your breath for four seconds, breathing out for four seconds, and holding it for four seconds. You do this four or five times, however much you need to, and it relaxes you.

There’s also a technique to relax your body by tensing every muscle in your body for a few seconds then releasing it, starting at your toes and going up to your head. 

I’ve been working on this for a very long time so I’ve found a few things that help me. I hope that this was any help to you, too.


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