Wardrobe Essentials

I can’t begin to explain how badly I want a new wardrobe. I don’t have many pieces in my closet that I’m comfortable in and I’ve avoided certain styles for a long time because I didn’t think I had to body to pull them off.

I’m tired of not wearing clothes I’m comfortable in because I don’t feel comfortable in my skin. I’m tired of hiding in clothes that fit just because trying to find stuff is exhausting. I want to embrace my body for how it is, right now. I need to learn to love myself exactly as I am and I need to not get clothes because I don’t think they’ll look good. I need to get clothes that make me feel like a million bucks.

So here is a list of pieces that I think are an essential in any wardrobe and I guess it’s a bit of a wish list, too.

01. Leather Jacket. Who doesn’t love a leather jacket? I have wanted one for so long now. It’s so classic and simple and looks good with everything but it also makes you feel like a badass and I am into that. All I want in my life is this jacket. I am so, so in love.

New Look Plus Leather Look Biker Jacket

02. Jeans. A solid pair of jeans is something I’m learning to love. I used to love skinny jeans like the good emo kid I was but I stopped wearing them for a while. Basically, I felt really self conscious in jeans and went into just wearing leggings and sweats but I’m starting to love a good pair of jeans again.

Junarose Busted Knee Skinny Jeans

03. Basic Tees. These match with everything and everyone needs basic tees in their closet. They are comfortable and casual but with the right accessories, they can be glammed up. Personally, I like more neutral colours and I LOVE black but you could really get whatever you’re comfortable with. I can never have too many white, black, and striped tees hanging around.

New Look Plus Boyfriend T-Shirt

04. Leggings. I am very particular when it comes to my leggings. I have been wearing the Wunder Under Leggings by Lululemon for years and I never plan on wearing anything else. They are so comfortable and they feel like a second skin. I can’t say enough good things about these.

Wunder Under Pant

05. Cozy Sweaters. I live in Canada. I live in a mountain town in Canada. There is nothing better than wearing a super cozy sweater and curling up with a cup of tea. Nothing.

Asos Curve Cable Sweater in Slouchy Shape

06. Little Black Dress. A little black dress is iconic for a reason. Paired with boots, a scarf, and a cardigan, it’s a simple and casual outfit. With a sparkly necklace and heels, it becomes the perfect night out dress. Everyone needs to have an amazing LBD.

Asos Curve Long Sleeve Swing Dress

07. Converse All Star Sneaker. These shoes have been my favourite for a very, very long time. As my emo teen self, I wore black and green and red high tops that I decorated with song lyrics and doodles and duct tape and of course, a large anarchy A. As a twenty-something who is trying to be taken seriously as an adult, all I want in my closet is a pair of black low tops, easy to wear every single day.

Converse All Star

08. Denim Shirt. I love denim shirts so much. One of my favourite ways to wear them is with a pair of black leggings, a white tee and a simple pair of sneakers with the denim shirt left open. I’ll pair it with a scarf and I am good to go. Casual and comfortable but still stylish.

New Look Plus Denim Shirt

09. Lingerie. I believe that every woman needs a piece of lingerie that makes them feel like a goddess. Even if there is no one looking at it, even if there is no one who you could be wearing it for, having on pretty underwear makes you feel like a bad ass and it makes you feel sexy and powerful. Treat yo self.

Asos Curve Fan Lace Underwear Set

10. Scarf. I’m a fan of scarves. They’re so cozy and can bring colour into an outfit and they’re functional. I especially love scarves that are big enough to use as a blanket when you’re travelling. I adore the vinyasa scarf from Lululemon as much as I love the leggings. It has these buttons on the side so you can adjust it and change it to fit however you would like or you can unbutton it and use it like a blanket. It’s perfect.

Vinyasa Rulu Scarf


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